Dutch and Spanish Shipwreck

Artifacts offers a wide range of coins from Dutch and Spanish shipwrecks including the: Atocha, Vliegenthart, Hollandia, Cazador, Rooswijk, Akerendam, 1715 Fleet and many others. These gold and silver coins date from the early 1600’s until the late 18th century; we also offer copper shipwrecked coins from an English East India man, the Admiral Gardner sunk in 1809, starting at US $15.00.

Ancient Greek and Roman

Artifacts also offers a fine selection of Greek and Roman coins. Greek coins exhibit great artistic merit and designs show Gods and Goddesses, animals, dolphins, eagles, elephants, and many other images relevant to the areas that the coins were struck. Roman coins show realistic portraits of the emperors and empresses under which they were struck, together with deities worshipped by the people.

Coins are available in gold, silver and bronze and date from around 500 BC to 350 AD and are available in many different price levels.

Other Items

Artifacts also offers non-salvaged coins form many countries starting at US $1.00. New stock is constantly arriving so stop by and check out our full collection.